Al Karantina: a lecture-performance by Rana Hamadeh

Many Places at Once Public Program
Friday, April 18, 2014 - 7:00pm
Wattis Gallery, 360 Kansas Street, San Francisco

Rana Hamadeh is a performance and visual artist currently based in Rotterdam. Interested in a curatorial approach within her artistic practice, she works on long-term discursive research-based projects that involve different levels of collaborations.

The collaborations are presented to the public in the form of lecture-performances, audio/text-based installations, mind maps, and public/documented conversations.

In 2011 Hamadeh initiated Alien Encounters, a long-term research project that serves an umbrella for a continuously growing archive of performance/theatrical works, cartographic/choreographic projects, and different sorts of artistic and theoretical gestures, ideas, collaborations, etc.

Initially inspired by Sun Ra's film Space is the Place (1974), which proposes an African American exodus toward outer space in response to racial injustice, Alien Encounters aims at reaching such a gesture of moving outward in terms of contemporary conditions of injustice that inhabit, embody, and traverse us today.

Part of Alien Encounters, Hamadeh's lecture-performance Al Karantina presented at the Wattis Institute as part of the Many Places At Once public program, weaves original photographs, documents, historical events, personal encounters, and fictions in a web of associations to question notions of contagion and resistance, citizenship, and alienness.

Her work Al Karantina also has a sculptural component: a wooden cabinet in which the artist's archives and documents are displayed, which are then activated during her lecture-performance.