Prophets of Deceit

September 12, 2006 to November 11, 2006

Looking into predictions and prophecies as guidelines to the development of history, Prophets of Deceit will explore the significance of messianic and apocalyptic cults as systems restraining social behavior.

Rather than announcing unsuspected events, claims of anticipated knowledge tend to administer fear and uncertainty in order to dictate the outcome of the future.

The works in the exhibition will posit a series of scenarios in which the creation of retroactive myths and self-fulfilling prophecies are enacted as exercises of ideological juggling. In doing so they not only point to the symptoms of a widespread phenomenon that embraces the specter of authoritarian irrationalism, but also simultaneously investigate the role of art within the cultural industry by questioning artists' function and the interpretation of their messages in a media-saturated society.

Featured Artists

Craig Baldwin
Tacita Dean
Rod Dickinson
Christian Jankowski
Joachim Koester
Komar & Melamid

John Menick
Melvin Moti
Raymond Pettibon
Mungo Thomson
PHAUSS (Carl Michael von Hausswolff & Erik Pauser)

Curated by Magali Arriola.