Rooms For Listening

September 05, 2000 to October 28, 2000

Presented by the CCAC Institute, Rooms for Listening is composed of three satellites: in the Kent and Vicki Logan Center in San Francisco, architect Thom Faulders of Beige Design transforms the upper gallery into Mute Room, an ideal lounging/performance space where visitors recline upon the smooth and spongy surface of a soft membrane that fills the entire room. Scheduled performances in this installation include electonica experimenters Atom Heart, Dat Politics and Joshua Kit Clayton; German urban dub innovators Stefan Betke (Pole), Bernd Friedmann and Jan Jellineck; Blectum from Blechdom and sound artist Brandon LaBelle. In the lower Logan Galleries, interactive sound installations by media artists Toshio Iwai, Leo Villareal and Involving Systems/Meso will run throughout the course of the exhibition.

Rooms for Listening continues on the Oakland campus with two sonic portraits of the Oliver Art Center. The sound of the gallery itself will be recorded and interpreted in installations by sound researcher Toshiya Tsunoda and artist John Hudak.

San Francisco Installations:
Thom Faulders/Beige Design, Mute Room
Martin Bott, Karl Kliem and Sebastian Oschatz of Involving
Systems/Meso, Mutable Muzzy Musics
Toshio Iwai, Composition on the Table
Leo Villareal, Sound Box

San Francisco Performances:
September 8, 8pm: nor tec—Fussible (Pepe Mogt, Fernando Corona), Bostich (Ramon Amezcua) and Terrestre (Jorge Ruiz)—as well as David Goldberg/Ian Raikow
September 12, 7:30 pm: Beatsauce, KUSF Radio
September 15, 8 pm: Joshua Kit Clayton and Blectum from Blechdom
September 19, 7:30 pm: Nommi, KALX Radio
September 22, 10 pm: Atom Heart and Dat Politics
October 3, 7:30 pm: Mike Burma, KALX Radio
October 6, 8 pm: Matthew Herbert/Radio Boy CANCELED
October 6, 8 pm: Safety Scissors (newly scheduled)
October 13, 8 pm: Toshiya Tsunoda and Brandon LaBelle
October 14, 8 pm: Stefan Betke (Pole), Bernd Friedmann and Jan Jellineck

San Francisco Film Programs:
September 29, 7:30 pm: Celluloid Electrons I, featuring works by John Whitney, Stephen Beck and Eric Siegel
October 10, 7:30 pm: Celluloid Electrons II, featuring works on John Cage and Karlheinz Stockhausen

San Francisco Artist Talks:
September 8, 7 pm: Leo Villareal
September 26, 7:30 pm: Rob Young and Anne Hilde Neset of The Wire, in conversation with Morton Subotnik and Joshua Kit Clayton
October 13, 8 pm: Toshiya Tsunoda and Brandon LaBelle

Oakland Exhibition
September 27 through October 28, 2000
Opening reception: Wednesday, September 27, 7 to 10 pm
Oliver Art Center

Oakland Installations:
Toshiya Tsunoda, Monitor Units for Solid Vibration: Oliver Art Center
John Hudak, Façade

Oakland Performances:
September 27, 7 pm: John Hudak, Loren Chasse/Eleanor Harwood and Antye Greie-Fuchs