Spaced Out

April 17, 1999 to June 05, 1999

The sensation of bodily distortion in a vacuum-like space is the theme of Spaced Out: Late 1990's works from the Vicki and Kent Logan Collection.

The body is an exposed organ: pulsing, febrile, permeable. We clothe it and protect it in shelters of various kinds. Only out utmost familiarity with and automatic responsiveness to the everyday hazards of speeding cars, wet cement, chipped wine glasses, and so forth save us from being swept away in an ocean of anxiety. As for the truly sick and dying, they are rarely seen. Our culture sequesters those whose bodies are threatened; we push away the image of decomposition. But the repressed, of course, always returns. The media frenzy surrounding John Glen's celebrated return to space to research the effects of zero gravity on the aging body exemplifies our culture's current fascination with the body in a void, the body as its boundaries are lost, as it returns to space, as it falls into the sky. The wide-ranging artworks in this exhibition, all made in the last five years, embody a diversity of responses to this common theme.

Featuring approximately 15 recent works in photography, painting, sculpture and drawing, among the artists represented in the exhibition are Bruce Nauman, Marc Quinn, Cindy Sherman, Sharon Lockhart, Liza May Post, Nicola Tyson, Glenn Ligon, Ron Mueck, and Antony Gormley.