January 27, 1999 to March 17, 1999

The CCAC Institute presents a new exhibition, twistfoldlayerflake. Featured artists include Geoffrey Allen, Lynda Benglis, Linda Besemer, Ingrid Calame, Sally Elesby, Seth Kaufman, Yves Klein, Mimmo Rotella, Richard Tuttle and Robert Youds.

As the title of the exhibition suggests, the artists have taken their chosen materials to the outer limits of possibility, asking them to perform in new and unusual ways. The exhibition includes rare early works by Yves Klein (Sponge, 1959), Richard Tuttle (Wire Piece, 1972/99), Lynda Benglis (Pinto, 1971) and Mimmo Rotella (Dream, 1963), as well as contemporary works by West Coast artists Allen, Besemer, Calame, Elesby, Kaufman and Youds.